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XH #WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday: Kenyan Geraldine Gitau of Scents by Geraldine


Geraldine Gitau of Scents by Geraldine

Geraldine Gitau of Scents by Geraldine

Meet 33-year-old Geraldine Gitau, Founder of Scents by Geraldine is a Kenyan 🇰🇪 perfumery which creates and develops high-end beauty products with the aim to revolutionise how beauty and beauty products are received in Africa.

The brand sets out to carve a niche for good quality perfumes in Kenya.

Even though the scents are mixed in Germany, the bottling and all of the rest of the finishing is done in Kenya.

The mother of one’s perfumery sets out to bridge an existing gap through providing quality perfumes, as opposed to some of the counterfeits and low quality brands that the Kenyan market is saturated with.


For more information you can check out their website, or follow Scents By Geraldine on Instagram and Facebook for updates!


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