Ckay Who The F–k Is Ckay? – This Is Who Ckay Is Entertainment Music

Who the f*** is Ckay? was an expression used by Osagz of that triggered a reaction from MI Abaga in a sit-down argument that had gone viral.

MI took it demeaning for Osagie Alonge to have made such a ‘derogatory’ remark about the Chocolate City Music artist, Ckay.

Well, we thought it’s only fair you guys should know who Ckay really is.

CKay is music producer and artist under the flagship of Chocolate City Music Group.

Quick one!

– Ckay started working as a production intern in Chocolate City in 2015
– Since then, he has produced some of the biggest music hits in Nigeria
over the past few years.
– Remember Miracle by Dice Ailes featuring Lil Kesh,
O yeah, Ckay made it!
– And ‘Give Dem’ by Koker, that was Ckay on the beat
– ‘Ella’ by Dice Ailes, is still one of the major hits in 2017, Ckay did that too
– ‘Third Mainland’ by MI featuring Moticakes got its production from Ckay too.

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