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25-year-old Wakonta Kapunda, who dreams of becoming a scriptwriter, was hit by a car on her high-school graduation day. After many months of treatment, her whole body was left paralysed.

According to BBC, this happened four years ago.

But the condition did not stop Kapunda from dreaming. She had always loved writing, but faced with the challenge of how to go about that task, she came up with the idea of using her tongue.

Today, the young Tanzanian writes on her pad using her tongue. It is a journey that was difficult because she suffered so much pain, and her tongue ached. But today she has mastered the skill.

Now, she dreams of being a full time scriptwriter and also an ambassador that would give other people hope.

Recently, Kapunda took part in a screen-writing class in Zanzibar.

Watch this BBC video and hear her touching story and how she succeeded: