video-drake-gets-mad-at-everyone-on-sunday-night-live-including-the-cleaner VIDEO: Drake Gets Mad At Everyone On ‘Sunday Night Live’ Including The Cleaner Entertainment

Drake spat some angry rhymes to vent his anger as he felt offended by Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones and Aidy Bryant. Even Lorne Michaels and the cleaning lady didn’t escape his ire.

It began with Drake asking for help with the TV because it didn’t seem to work. “Usually, you get the remote and press ‘on,’ ” Davidson laughed. “You don’t have TVs in Canada?” The rapper scowled before firing off some angry lyrics, “F**k you, Pete. You made a fool out me. I used to trust you dog, now you’re embarrassing me. … We used to be best friends, now we foes for life.”

Then, the rapper was mad when he greeted Jones in the hallway but the female comedian was too distracted to greet him back. “What did I do to you. You used to be my best friend, now I never trust you,” he ranted. “Most people I know would’ve said, ‘Hi’ back.”

Next, Bryant became his target when she took a seat next to him. “Hey, anybody using this chair?” she asked before moving his hat out of the way. “Actually I was, you b***h,” he reacted. “It was for my hat, but you took it from me. Now we’re never going back. I can never trust you because you’re rude to my hat. If Josh Gad was here, he would have made me laugh.”

Last but not least, he met Michaels in the dressing room but he felt offended when the latter told him he was doing a “good job.” He ranted, “Good job, that’s it? I’m doing great, you b***h.”