In-Florida-50-People-Dead-53-Injured-In-Gay-Club-Attack-Worst-In-US-History US Church Says God Sent The #Orlando Gay Night Club Shooter news

Orlando gay night club shooter has been praised for his actions by Westboro Baptist Church.

The anti-LGBT church have claimed that ‘God sent the Orlando shooter’.

In a series of hate-filled Tweets sent from the church’s official Twitter account, the Christian group claimed that the patrons of the Pulse nightclub would be ‘in Hell’ after the killings.

The group said, ‘God hates fags. God sent the shooter. God hates murderer Omar Mateen. Omar Mateen & slain fags are in hell.’

Other – equally unpleasant – Christian groups such as the Faithful Word Baptist Church have also voiced opinions such as, ‘The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world.’