Osun-State-University UniOsun Lecturer In Trouble After Tape Exposes Him With Varsity Student news

A lecturer at the Department of Languages and Linguistics of the Osun State University, Dr. Wale Ojoniyi, has been exposed following the release of a video tape of his alleged s*x escapade with a 400 level English student of the institution, Mercy Ikwue.

According to Punch, Ikwue released the video tape which was allegedly over 30-minute long.

It was also revealed that real sexual intercourse was not captured in the video and that the video did not prove that the student was coerced into s*x.

In a petition written to The Punch, some students of the university claimed that Ojoniyi was instrumental to the suspension of the female student, after she was allegedly caught for examination malpractices.

On her return to the university after the one academic session rustication, the petition claimed the lecturer mounted pressure on the student for an amorous affair but the lady resisted him.

Ikwue made a decision to set a trap for the lecturer by agreeing to have s*x with him.

In the video, made available to Punch correspondent, the female student set up a laptop directly opposite the bed and pretended to be watching the ‘Things Fall Apart’ film on it but she was recording the sexual activity.

The video showed the man stark naked and caressing the student.

She wore her top throughout the 34-minute duration of the show and used the bedsheet as a wrapper.

The female student said at one point, “Give me my transport. I am not asking for any other money, just give me my transport fare.

“Why is your thing (private part) dropping like this, haven’t you done it in recent time.

“Before I went on suspension, why didn’t you plead on my behalf? You knew about it joo.”

Ojoniyi has confirmed the existence of the tape, however he alleged that it was only the work of people trying to bring him down.