tyrese-gibson Tyrese Gibson Makes Up With Ex-Wife Over #Blacklivesmatter Movement Entertainment

Tyrese Gibson has reportedly moved to fix things between himself and his ex wife, Norma, following the #Blacklivesmatter movement.

After the horrendous incident that took place last week, following the death of two black men killed by police officers, the singer seems to have realised that family comes first.

Tyrese revealed that the incident had a massive impact on them and after a long talk about all the hatred floating around the country, they realised that they were adding to the problem with the wars they were waging against each other.
The actor believes that black families need to come together to form a strong force and it all begins at home with each family.

In light of the new situations of things, Tyrese shared a photo with Norma and their 9-year-old daughter, Shayla, via his Instagram page on Monday, July 11, 2016, and they looked like the perfect family.

Tyrese insists that burying the hatchet between himself and Norma doesn’t mean that they would be getting back together, but that its all about putting their differences aside so they can successfully co-parent their daughter.

As previously reported, things had got so bad between the pair who were married for two years, that Tyrese had actually accused Norma of trying to kidnap Shayla.