seyilaw Seyi Law Accused of Physically Assaulting a Security Guard at Eko Hotels and Suites Entertainment

Vanguard is reporting that a security guard at Eko Hotel and Suites identified as Peter Ethan has come forward to accuse ace comedian Seyi Law of physically assaulting him a few days ago.

According to Ethan, the comedian was trying to exit the hotel premises along with other guests after the conclusion of Kiss Daniel’s recent album concert when he stopped his car. He stated the reason he stopped Seyi’s car was to inform him of an alternative route he could take to ease vehicular movement and avoid traffic. However, Seyi angrily got down from his car and after a few exchange of words, Ethan claims he slapped him three times across the face leaving him lost for words and surprised.

His fellow security guards reportedly rushed to his side when they found him in an emotional state and when they found out what had happened, they confronted Seyi Law and one even tried to physically harass him thankfully a few peace makers intervened and Seyi Law was said to have quickly left the scene.

Recounting his bitter ordeal, the security guard stated that such incident has never happened to him throughout his working years at the hotel before adding that he never expected that kind of attitude from Seyi Law.

Seyi Law has been contacted to address the incident but is yet to respond.