Senator Dino Melaye is back, dominating conversations on social media. This time, he reportedly threatened to beat up Senator Remi Tinubu during a plenary session.

In light of his recent antics, we have taken the liberty of listing five times the politician dominated conversations for the wrong reasons:

1. When he shaded Gov. Adams Oshiomole during Senate proceeding with that ‘Made-in-Nigeria women’ comment

Adams-Oshiomhole-and-wife-Mrs-Lara-Forte-1 SEE 5 Times Dino Melaye Trended on Social Media for all the Wrong Reasons news

Adams and Lara Oshiomole. Credit: Premium Times

In March of this year, Melaye went off a trajectory during a plenary session, to mock Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomole’s choice of wife.

“Nigerians prefer imported ladies to made-in-Nigeria women,” Melaye said, a direct shot at Oshiomole, and he went all petty, said that they need to become ‘born again’, and this, he said, can be achieved if they agree to marry marrying ‘made-in-Nigeria women.”

Dear Melaye, tell us more about how well you treated your ex-wife, Tokunbo when you were together.

2. When he threatened the Federal Government with a “mother of all protests” 

Buhari-in-Malabo-6-1 SEE 5 Times Dino Melaye Trended on Social Media for all the Wrong Reasons news

President Buhari. Credit: Punch

Again, in May, when the federal government decided to do away with subsidy payments on petrol and allow oil importers to sell at profitable margins within a 135-145 naira belt, Melaye opposed it and ordered the federal government to reverse its decision within the next 7 days, or face the ‘mother of all protests’.

We are still waiting for it.

3. When he denied the existence of his alleged Bank of America account

dino_melaye-1 SEE 5 Times Dino Melaye Trended on Social Media for all the Wrong Reasons news

Dino Melaye. Credit: Punch

In December 2015, Sahara Reporters published details of Melaye’s account transactions with the Bank of America, which contravened the code of conduct prohibiting all public officers from owning foreign accounts. Hours later, the senator took to Twitter to deny the allegations.

And then he dared the media house to publish details of the account if such exists. And they did, with screenshots of his alleged messages.

The Senator is yet to refute the new claims.

4. When he described the Wardrobe Allowance as ‘haram’ and asked senators to reject it

look-atew-1 SEE 5 Times Dino Melaye Trended on Social Media for all the Wrong Reasons news

Credit: Nairaland

In a series of tweets posted on his account in June 2015, Melaye, who is known to display his wealth without reserve, described the wardrobe allowance as “haram” (abomination), and asked his colleagues to reject it.

Well, we are hoping he rejects it soon.

5. When he pushed to gag Nigerians on social media all because Sahara Reporters would not stop trolling him

At the senate proceedings in December 2015, three senators – Ali Ndume, Biodun Olujimi and Dino Melaye – were reported by the official handle of the Nigerian Senate, as being the key players pushing for the review of Cyber Crime Law in Nigeria; censoring free speech.

And all senators pushed for the said bill motivated by personal vendettas.

Ali Ndume, he said he was once accused of financing terrorism. Biodun Olujimi claimed that falsehoods are published online, hence she wishes for a scapegoat to be a ‘deterrent to others.’ Melaye’s was the most hilarious of them all: he hates Sahara Reporters.

*No words*

Now, the Kogi senator is back in a hot fight with Sahara Reporters over claims that he allegedly threatened to have Senator Remi Tinubu beaten up. Not long after the report went viral on Twitter, Melaye denied it, but without giving specific details on what he actually said to the wife of the Jagaban.

Read him:

However, Sunday Dare, the chief of staff to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, backs up Sahara Reporter’s story:

And what do Nigerians think of the latest Melaye drama?

Seeing that the senator will not stop hijacking Nigerian Twitter, perhaps, it’s high time he was awarded the Obstreperous Senator of the Federal Republic?