Mayowa-Ahmed #SaveMayowa: OAP Freeze Weighs In On Alleged Scam Saga news

Yesterday, July 28, 2016, Toyin Aimakhu revealed that the #SaveMayowa campaign aimed at raising funds for Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat who has stage IV ovarian cancer was a scam by her family members to take money from innocent Nigerians.

Now, controversial OAP, Freeze airs his opinion and gives reasons why Nigerians should let the family be.

He took to Instagram today, July 29, 2016, writing, “#SaveMayowa

Dear Nigerians, in our plight to demystify the Mayowa saga, let’s remember how this issue started in the first place. No matter what is, or is not a scam, there is one piece of truth no one can debunk! Mayowa is really sick, in a tremendous amount of pain, and needs us right now even more than ever before.

When Aramide Kasumu the CEO of @lifestakefoundation called me the day the news broke, alleging a scam, I refused to write or speak about it for two main reasons:

1. What if the controversy was too much for an already frail Mayowa to handle, and it resulted in her premature death?

2. I didn’t want the uproar resulting from breaking such a sensitive story, to confuse the public, while a persons life was at stake.
Right now, my utmost priority is for Mayowa to be well.

It is heart wrenching for me, if Nigerians from all walks of life donated their hard earned money during this ‘change’ regime, and the person who the money was meant for, still continues to suffer.

It’s not enough to put a bottle of milk in front of a six month old baby and say “I have provided food” we need to make sure the baby is fed the milk. Same thing applies to Mayowa’s case. How do we ensure that visas are procured, flights are booked, hospital bills are paid, drugs are purchased and treatment begins?

For us to help Mayowa, we need accountability which so far, is obviously lacking. I see it as shady, if the family could tell us they raised N32 million, whereas it was discovered that N85 million was raised, after the commissioner of police intervened according to Aramide Kasumu.

Why wasn’t the remaining N53 million declared? N53million is not buns or fishpie! Could this have spawned the motive behind @aimakhutoyin’s suddenly relegation to the background, her once necessary ‘paparazzi’ had now become a problem. I will not say #SaveMayowa was a scam, however it seems to be shrouded in darkness. Also, in my opinion, the family can’t request ‘privacy’ at this point, for funds that were generated ‘publicly’. Transparency is the publics right, and if demanded, must be made available.

I applaud the Commissioner of police, Fatai Owoseni for his proactive role in this case.”