Samson-Siasia Samson Siasia Threatens To Quit Over Dalung’s Excesses Sport

Hours after leading Nigeria’s U23 side into the quarterfinals of the men’s football event at Rio 2016, news have emerged that head coach Samson Siasia, has threatened to resign, the Eagle Online reports.

Siasia, who masterminded a 1-0 win over European champions Sweden to send the Dream team into the knockout phases, is reportedly irked about the treatment being meted out to him by the Minister of Youth and Sport, Solomon Dalung.

Dalung had threatened to sanction the former Super Eagles coach for taking the plight of the team to the media, and he also foisted Mikel Obi as captain of the side during a visit to their Atlanta camp where he completely snubbed Siasia.

Furthermore, Dalung now deals only with Obi when he needs to pass information to the team, calling him on the phone before the message is subsequently passed on to Siasia and the other players.

“The coach has been calm because of the players who have endured hardship with the team but he is ready to quit if this unending efforts to sabotage his work does not stop,” a source said.

“Nigerians should know that a lot of people are working against the U-23 Eagles and Siasia is very upset but he has been keeping his cool and that is why he has not replied any of the accusations coming from the Sports Ministry and the minister, Solomon Dalung.

“Don’t be surprised if by the time the victory dance is over, the coach sends in his resignation letter.

“He has had it to the hilt and is no longer willing to continue.”

A member of the U23 team also confirmed the development.

“Even Mikel that the Minister is always talking to is not pleased with the development. If not that Mikel is quite humble and able to manage the situation, the crisis in the team would have become an open issue.

“But each time, he goes back to the coach to pledge his loyalty and explain to him that he was not in support of the Minister’s actions.”

There are other reports that the coach is being owed several months’ salary by his employers, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).