Future-Where-I-Came-From-official-video Rapper: Future Gets Slammed With $150,000 Lawsuit For Walking Off Stage Entertainment What a time to be alive! Rapper Future is being sued for the pulling the same stunt.

According to TMZ, Future is being sued by a promoter who claims he lost more than $150, 000 when the rapper pulled out of a concert he had been paid to perform at. However, sources close to Future revealed the rapper failed to hold up his end of the bargain because the deal was apparently a shady one.

The promoter, Robert Caillier stated that he gave Future a $15, 000 advance to perform at a Louisiana gig back in August 2014 but Future never showed, and this caused Caillier to lose out on his anticipated $150, 000 plus the advance he had paid the rapper.

On the other hand, Future’s friends say the rapper actually turned up for the concert and even performed one song but was eventually pulled offstage by his management after they realized Caillier didn’t have the balance of his payday.

Robert Caillier is suing for Future for $150,000 and he also wants his deposit back. A court date is yet to be released.

source: TMZ