R.Kelly-Stops-His-Concert-to-Clap-back-at-Fans-Who-Called-Him-Broke R.Kelly Stops Concert To Clap Back At Fans Who Called Him Broke Entertainment Events

During his recent concert in Chicago, the 49-year-old singer decided to stop his performance about an hour into the show, got his crew to bring out a leather recliner and proceeded to watch Kobe Bryant’s final game on the 50-foot screen that served as his backdrop for the concert while his fans waited.

Last month, the Imagine That singer caught some major flak after he posted a picture of himself on Twitter watching the basketball legend’s epic final game on a very small TV in an unfurnished room. His fans had trolled his page, calling him broke while one twitter user wrote, “R Kelly was watching Kobe last on a Galaxy Note.”  So Kellz decided to clap back at his fans during the concert by re-watching the game on a larger screen. The singer also  surfed Netflix and caught the classic movie, Life, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.

R.Kelly Gets Petty At His Chicago Concert- blogged by @niksofly Remember a month ago when Kellz took a social media "L" when he posted himself watching #KobeBryant's farewell game on a minute television in a white room? Social media had its way with #RKelly. Everyone wanted to know what was up with the rather small TV and blank room. Mr #12Play and his rather quaint accommodations invaded our TL's. And just as fast as it flooded our social media space, it disappeared… until now. Often we wonder if celebs actually read or hear the things said about them- apparently they do, at least R.Kelly does. The "Imagine That" singer should call himself R.Petty. In the middle of his recent #Chicago concert, Kellz uppercutted those that took shots at him. Without warning he completely stops his show, rolls out a big comfy leather recliner, grabs his #redcup and watches Kobe's reels on that 50 foot screen that served as his back drop for the concert. He watched the "Jake From State Farm" commercial, surfed Netflix and caught the #classic movie, "Life", starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It was a legit way to respond to those that mocked him . In a not-so-indirect way the "Imagine That" singer told people to get on his level. He should call himself R.Petty. Touché Kellz. Tou…che.

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