Oritse-Femi-2 ‘Pay Me My Money Or I Will Sue’, PuffyTee Threatens Oritsefemi Entertainment

‘Double Wahala’ crooner, Oritsefemi, might be facing a lawsuit soon according to music producer, PuffyTee, who threatened to sue him and his manager if money owed to him is not paid.

According to the ace producer, Oritsefemi and his manager, Danku, have failed to remit the amount due to him for his production of 15 tracks on the singer’s album.

He revealed this in an interview “When this feud started, Danku told me not to worry that everything will be fine, so I left and continued working on my other projects. I’m asking for my money now because they have settled.”  

“I didn’t reach out to Oritsefemi because I and Danku have been working on other projects together. In fact, I didn’t even think of reaching out to him, basically it’s just time, I felt when the right time comes I will ask for my money, and the right time is now.”  

“If they don’t pay me I’m going to sue them straight up because it’s my money and I worked hard for it. To produce 15 tracks on someone’s album is not a joke, so they can’t tell me there is no money, they go for shows, the songs are on  iTunes and caller tunes, and no matter how little it is, money is coming in.” 

“The money made from songs on caller tunes are meant to be shared between the artiste and producer because it’s not just the vocals that is downloaded but the beat.”  

“So, as long as he’s making money with those songs I produced, he can be sued”, he concluded.

Oritsefemi however claimed that he has no knowledge about the controversy.

According to him, his manager, Danku, handled the interaction with the producer, along with any financial business.

“I don’t know about it, we had about 7 producers on the album, though PuffyTee produced for me but my manager, Danku has been the one relating with him.”  

“When it comes to financial issues it’s my management that handles it, it’s not my job”, he said.