mariah-carey-and-nick-cannon- Nick Canon Denies Refusing To Sign Divorce Papers Entertainment

Nick Cannon has refuted claims that he is stalling the divorce process from ex wife, Mariah Carey, emphasising the fact that he is genuinely happy for her.

Following reports that the 35-year-old actor has been refusing to sign the documents formerly divorcing the 42-year-old singer, Cannon has revealed that he would do no such thing.

Speaking during an interview with Extra, Cannon said:

“There’s nothing to tell… me and Mariah get along great, and it’s a process, nobody is holding nothing up.

“Why would I hold it up? I want her to be happy. She is such a beautiful spirit, and we put the kids first.”

Cannon had earlier revealed that he is happy for Mariah on her engagement to billionaire, James Parker, blessing their union.

Although Mariah’s marriage to Parker has been postponed over her European tour and other unforeseen contingencies, we believe the couple are very much on track with their plans and Cannon is the least of their problems.