What-Amodu-Said-About-Keshi-Just-Few-Hours-To-His-Own-Death ‘Most Nigerian Football Coaches Are Hypertensive’ Sport

About 75 percent of Nigerian coaches are hypertensive, says the President of the Nigeria Football Coaches Association, Bitrus Bewarang.

Bewarang’s statement comes on the heels of the deaths of two former Nigeria’s football coaches, Stephen Keshi and Amodu Shuaibu – both men died in Benin City, Edo state.

According to Vanguard, Bewarang also said that the frequent deaths of coaches in Nigeria should not surprise anyone because most of them are unfairly treated by their employers.

“Just when we are trying to come to terms with Keshi’s death, Amodu is now gone. The question is who’s next?”

“It’s high time the federal government wades into cases affecting coaches. In Nigeria, football coaches are hired, used and fired with employers most often, not fulfilling their contractual obligations.”

“Many coaches, both at national and club levels are owed huge sums of money, long after their disengagements. By the nature of their jobs, 75% of Nigerian coaches are prone to hypertension and I expect they are treated fairly in order to curb this unfortunate incident of sudden deaths among us.”