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What do you get when you put A-list actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts together? A blockbusting thriller called Money Monster and we mean that both literarily and figuratively.

The movie, Money Monster is the latest collaboration between these two Hollywood heavyweights and chronicles a story where George Clooney stars as financial TV host, Lee Gates, with Julia Roberts as his producer.

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Lee Gates is a TV personality whose popular financial network show has made him the Money Wiz of Wall Street.

Unfortunately, he hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes and an irate investor finds his way into the studio tovent in an extremely hostage situation as he forcefully takes over the studio.

With this tense standoff going on in the studios which is broadcast to millions on live TV, Lee and Patty must work

furiously against the clock to unravel the mystery behind the conspiracy that led to the mysterious stock crash.

Money Monster is a very relevant movie that highlights the issues of the stock market which is a major factor that has led to economic recession in many countries and also is at the heart of today's fast-paced, high-tech global markets.

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A movie with an unexpected twist, it will leave you at the edge of your seats with its thrilling suspense. Directed by Jodie Foster, Money Monster was released by Sony Pictures Entertainment just a few days ago in the US and has already grossed over $52 million and continues to make waves at the Box Office.

Money Monster hits cinemas in Nigeria from Today (Saturday), 4th June, 2016, and is a MUST WATCH for movie lovers everywhere!

Checkout the TRAILER below;