1210-meek-mill-splash-3 Meek Mill To Spend More Days Under House Arrest Entertainment

Philly rapper Meek Mill has just succeeded in extending his three months house arrest by eight more days.

TMZ reports, Meek Mill was supposed to be released this week, but it was extended because he failed to complete the specific type of community service he was met to do.

Meek was reportedly spending his time at schools and giving motivational speeches, in addition to donating to Flint’s water crisis.

While his main probation task was to work with the homeless, Habitat for Humanity or senior citizens and veterans.

The rapper’s official release date was Wednesday, June 2, 2016, but the judge is not setting him free until his volunteer work at homeless shelters is completed.

The Maybach Music rapper was earlier convicted for drug dealing and gun possession back in 2008, he served few months in jail before he was paroled in 2009 on five years’ probation.

However, he hopped out of town to attend the AMAs in November without getting permission from his probation officer, thereby violating travel restrictions.