Mariah-Carey-Shades-The-Hell-Out-Of-Jennifer-Lopez-Says-She-Doesn’t-Know-Who-She-Is Mariah Carey Throws Another Shade at J.Lo, Maintains She Doesn’t Know Who She is Entertainment

Mariah Carey has refused to put an end to the silent beef between herself and fellow musician, Jennifer Lopez.

The mother of two had intensified their beef last month when she was noticeably absent at the final broadcast of reality TV show American Idol which J.Lo was a current judge on. Every other judge on the show who couldn’t make it for the emotional finale, including Nicki Minaj, sent a filmed farewell message except Mariah Carey. People speculated that 46-year-old singer’s reason for not attending the show was J.Lo.

Well, Mariah has finally addressed why she missed the grand finale broadcast.

During an interview with ET, Mariah was asked why she bailed on attending the show especially since she was a judge and it was the last broadcast, and her response was that she was ‘devastated’ she couldn’t be there before adding that she almost lost her mind. She then stated when asked about her ‘haters’ that she doesn’t know them, adding that she has never met them before.

See the interview below.

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J.Lo and Mariah’s feud began in the early 2000s when Mariah claimed she didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was during an interview.  J.Lo , however, stated when she was interviewed by Wendy Williams that she and the Hero singer had met on several occasions,  “She is forgetful many times,” J.Lo had added.

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