Lynxxx Lynxxx Twitter Account Gets Hacked Entertainment

Nigerian singer, Lynxxx’s Twitter account was hacked yesterday, June 28, 2016.

The ‘Fine Lady’ singer was alerted to his Twitter page which was filled with n*des and provocative pictures.

According to him, it is a clear indication that once you chose the path of righteousness, enemies and trials multiply. Reinstating that nothing can sway him off his journey and walk with Christ.

He tweeted, “God is definitely in control! Who ever is behind it, I leave u for God.. Apologies to my followers for such pictures, God pass them.

My people, thanks for bringing it2my notice before more damage could be done..Wow Less than 24hrs various trials! My account just got hacked.”

Lynxxx lately has been really vocal about his love for God ever since he gave his life to Christ.