ladies-7-reasons-you-should-stop-wearing-makeup-in-front-of-your-guy Ladies: 7 Reasons You Should STOP Wearing Makeup In Front Of Your Guy Lady Relationship

The scariest part of any relationship isn’t the awkward first date, or the intense puppy love, or the talks of exes past; it’s most certainly the necessary vulnerability, the unveiling of yourself that comes with actually getting close to someone.

Cultivating love, respect, and honesty takes time. That means being up front with the person you’re with about who you are. You’ve got to let them in and let them know what scares you, what inspires you, what you believe in, and who you are under everything else.

When the fancy dinner date dress comes off, you have to be comfortable with yourself, because what you show your partner is exactly what they’ll see. Essentially, if you show them nothing, they won’t see anything worth sticking around for.

People fall in sustainable love with humans, not ideas. So, here’s why removing your makeup in front of your partner is way more important than you think.