It’s Black Friday Season and all of Nigeria’s retailers, big and small have once again jumped on the band wagon of sales. From Jumia to Konga, Yudala and even your friendly neighborhood store, it seems like everyone is offering some type of Black Friday discount. Looking at what’s being offered out there and what people are saying online here’s the gist of what deals are sweet and which aren’t.

Jumia Nigeria– Feeling like a pioneer! What on earth made Jumia think they will keep Nigerians engaged for 12days of discounts? They announced that the 12-day Black Friday event which started on Monday November 14 and climaxes on the actual Black Friday on November 25, 2016.  Each day of the event features a different deal. Going by the conversation online I noticed a few people expected all items to go on sale from day 1, but it seems like Jumia has a plan of its own and are saving the best for the last. Notwithstanding, the spread in deals, Jumia has arguably had the best deals this year despite the volatility of the economy.

See what people are saying here about Black Friday.

iphone1-500x213 Jumia, Konga & Yudala Rekindles Black Friday Sales Rivalry Featured

iphone2-500x212 Jumia, Konga & Yudala Rekindles Black Friday Sales Rivalry Featured

Konga–Literally swept people off their feet, shattered hopes and still had their smiley smirking at people. I could not have been pissed of more. The Yakata sales kicked off on the 18th – 21st of November, 2016 and will be revived on the 25th too. Although, Konga was expected by many to have better deals than their counterparts this Black Friday. All the hype and noise about Yakata drowned in colossal disappointment after I set my sights ontheir deals forcing me to appreciate the discounts Jumia was offering. Trust my Naija brethren, observant has ever, somehow located the ‘magomago’ going on and went hard (SucideSquad style) at their social media platforms.

konga2-500x219 Jumia, Konga & Yudala Rekindles Black Friday Sales Rivalry Featured

konga-500x252 Jumia, Konga & Yudala Rekindles Black Friday Sales Rivalry Featured

Yudala- The underdogs of the Black Friday Sales event! They just want to sit at the table of men by all means. Yudala needs to pick a struggle, Ecommerce? Or Music Concerts?They have titled theirs the “Real Black Friday” which suggests that they plan to outdo their predecessors. Konga and Jumia—watch out! Not much is expected, so in reality they have little to prove or at stake in terms of reputation. Yudala Black Friday Sales begins tomorrow and I can only keep my fingers crossed in a positive anticipation of the fulfillment of Yudala’s promises tomorrow.

The Black Friday Sales event is not over yet and if you have missed on the impeccable offers, watch out for 24th and 25th of November, 2016 on any of the platforms about to benefit from their blockbuster deals.