Pastor-Adeboye-Is-A-murderer-says-Kemi-Olunloyo It’s Officially Time To Get Very Worried About Kemi Olunloyo news A few days ago, news of the unfortunate drowning of two young female graduate students at Elegushi beach, Lagos, hit the internet.

Their deaths gave birth to the calls for stricter implementation of safety measures in beaches around Nigeria.

But while Nigerians, and most especially, the family and friends of the bereaved, mourned their death, one person was prepared to take full advantage of their deaths – at whatever cost.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, the fifty-one year old daughter of former Oyo state Governor, tweeted this:

But of course, the tweet would have been brushed off if it was a one off thing.

Alas, it isn’t.

Olunloyo has since set a record for herself in the number and gravity of false allegation and far-fetched claims she spreads around the streets of Twitter and of course, Facebook.

Few hours after the death of Nollywood actress, Henrietta Kosoko, wife of popular actor, Jide Kosoko, Kemi tweeted this:

Unable to fight the urge to stay on the sidelines and respect the dead, Kemi added her unfounded two-cents on the deaths of two Nigerian football coaches.

She tweeted:


In all this, Ms. Olunloyo had felt no moral compunction -or even human decency- to respect the grief of others, the memory of the dead and steer clear of other people’s business.

Instead she elected to add salt into injuries of the bereaved by spewing unverifiable and spurious claims without giving a hoot about whose feelings is hurt or whose public image is damaged.

Perhaps, it’s time Kemi Olunloyo gets some help.