Halima-Abubakar I Have Nine Years Before Reaching Menopause – Halima Abubakar Entertainment

The actress declared that she still has nine years before she approaches menopause.

According to her, marriage is not something that can be rushed into. She cited examples of failed marriages which occurred due to the pressure placed on people.

“Everybody thinks one should get married from age 18. A lot of marriages are complicated. Marriage will come when it will come, one doesn’t need to force it.”

“People are getting divorced with pregnancies because they got married under pressure. We should let people be.”

“People are saying if you are not getting married, go and get kids because menopause is approaching. What kind of thing is that? Is it your menopause?”

“I still have about nine years before I hit menopause all things being equal. I am not one of those people that will kill themselves because of marriage. I can’t have kids outside marriage.”