How-French-Millionaire-Lost-Everything-Now-Begs-in-Kenyan-Streets How French Millionaire Lost Everything, Now Begs in Kenyan Streets news

A French national, Roselyne Toth, currently begs on the streets of Kenya after she lost all her savings to scammers.

According to, Toth visited Kenya in 2010 to build a hotel after selling all her properties in her homeland. But trouble started after the 60-year-old woman allegedly kicked off a relationship with a Kenyan she met in Samburu County in the Maralal part of the country and he convinced her to invest there. He introduced her to a contractor and soon, a Sh6.2 million agreement was reached.

Not long after, the contractor began to make more demands for money which accumulated to another Sh6.9 million before he started works in 2013. But when he asked for another Sh300,000, Toth refused to path with it.

He came here one morning with his workers and collected all the tiles, stones, doors, windows and cement. I later learnt that he sold the materials in his hardware in Maralal Town,” Toth told newsmen.

And to recover her money from the contractor, the French woman requested for the services of a lawyer Mr Letambul who demanded Sh7 Million for legal services. The lawyer never filed for that case, and Toth sought the services of another lawyer in Nyandarua Country area of the country and paid him another 1 million. He reportedly filed the case in Nakuru but later abandoned it after he found a more lucrative job in the country.

Ripped off of all her money, Toth resorted to begging on the streets of Kenya. Newsmen gathered that she is also begging the government to intervene and help her recover her lost fortune.