How-Death-Took-Away-Three-Of-Jide-Kosoko’s-Wives-1024x556 How Death Took Away Three Of Jide Kosoko’s Wives Entertainment

Jide Kosoko is one man who has known bereavement all too well. His third wife, Henrietta passed away on Monday 5th June, 2016 at the Sacred Heart Catholic Hospital, Lantoro, Abeokuta. She was 53 years old at the time of her death.

62-year-old Kosoko had earlier lost two wives to the clutches of death within a period of 11 months.

A year ago, Jide was faced with the possibility of yet another death when Henrietta survived a near-fatal accident along Sagamu-Abeokuta road but it seemed fate was only prolonged. Sources disclose that her death came as a result of complications she had from that accident.

He lost his first and second wives between October 1992 and November 1993. The first wife was the mother of Sola, his actress daughter, and his second wife died due to complications from childbirth.

Not wanting to let this tragedy weigh him down, the popular actor married Henrietta and subsequently, Kareemat, his fourth and now only wife.

Few years ago, Sola Kosoko expressed her displeasure with her father for opting to marry multiple wives. However, Jide, in his defence, explained that he never set out to practise polygamy, but it was all according to God’s will.

His first two marriages produced seven children, and the number grew after he picked Kareemat in addition to the deceased.

It is hoped that the renowned thespian is giving the divine fortitude to bear the loss.