Mariah-Carey-Shades-The-Hell-Out-Of-Jennifer-Lopez-Says-She-Doesn’t-Know-Who-She-Is Finally Mariah Carey Addresses Silent Beef With J.Lo, Admits They Have Met Before Entertainment

Yesterday night, Mariah was asked about her silent beef with J.Lo once again by TV host, Andy Cohen, while appearing as a guest on his Watch What Happens Live show. This time, the 46-year-old diva admitted to Cohen that she has met J.Lo once or twice before but she can’t say she knows her as a person because their conversation has never gone beyond ‘hellos’ and ‘hi’s’

She added that she refuses to fake friendship with the other celebrities and claim she knows them just because they all work in Hollywood.

Watch her below.

J.Lo and Mariah’s supposed feud began in the early 2000s when Mariah claimed she didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was during an interview. J.Lo, on the other hand, stated that she and the Hero singer have met on several occasions, adding that she can be forgetful at times. However, the former American Idol judge has also admitted that they are not really friends.

Meanwhile, Mariah didn’t hesitate to get all petty again and throw shade at rapper , Nicki Minaj who she clashed with when they were both host on American Idol.