omawumi-loses-cool-storms-off-in-1024x1024 Famous Writer Lola Shoneyin Defends Omawumi for Walking out on HFTV Presenter During Interview Entertainment

Omawumi is currently the top trending topic on Nigerian Twitter, and it is all thanks to her interview with HFTV’s Zinnia which went down south following a derogatory question.

The iconic singer was forced to leave after the interviewer asked her to confirm the rumour that she smokes and drinks, a question that was deeply upsetting.

Reacting to this incident, Lola Shoneyin, the author The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, called for a better line of questioning. “Good going, Omawumi! The appropriate question would have been how Omawumi balances stardom w/ motherhood,” the author said, adding, “Do journos aim to shame & judge?”

Her reaction has led to a debate on the usual questions thrown out to women in the industry, and this is reminiscent of the outrage by top female Hollywood acts like Shonda Rhimes who recently slammed journalists for asking female artists sexist questions on the red carpet.

“If you want to be a journalist, get some basic training,” another Twitter user, Toyan Adeniji-Adele said, noting, “Don’t display your lack of ethics & them blame the subject. Omawumi well done.”

See the reactions from other fans who have taken to Twitter to offer their support: