falz-talks-about-establishing-hi-1024x576 Falz Talks About Establishing Himself As A Musician On 'The Juice' Entertainment

The Juice returns for a third season with MTV “Shuga” actress Dorcas Shola Fapson as the new host.

Rapper and actor Falz The Bahd Guy popularly known as Falz is the first guest on the first episode of this new season.

Following his successes this year Falz chats with Fapson about finding his art. In the interview, the rapper reflects on his early beginnings as far back as when he was in secondary school and with the group ‘The School Boys’.

“I was in SS1 at the time – young guys trying to have fun, trying to do stuff that you really enjoy doing. At that time we just genuinely enjoyed rapping and performing for people in school”, he said.

The ‘Ello bae’ crooner began his music career professionally in 2009. His discography includes two LPs: “Wazup Guy”(2014) and “Stories That Touch” (2015). The rapper whose real name is Folarin Falana revealed he never expected the positive response he received after the release of his sophomore album.

“It was surreal . . . I never expected that sort of response”. “For me to get that, for me to see that sort of response and reaction to the album, it made me feel great. It made me feel very happy also because of what I was trying to achieve with the album. I was trying to establish myself as Falz the musician, Falz the artiste. I was trying to show how artistic I could be”.