Falz Falz Is Described As ‘FalztheBrandguy’ For His Many Endorsements Entertainment

Someone predicted that a future would come when we will all be rescued from the mediocrity we’ve had to live with. Is it possible that future is here? Is it possible Falz is one of the saviours?

Nigerian brands appear to think so.
In a new edition of Brand Essence magazine, the rapper-comedian is described as ‘FalztheBrandguy’ for his many endorsements.

One man, many brands. When brands see a following, they see an ambassador, and so, the brands started to rush him with endorsements and partnerships’, writes editor Melvin Udosen.

From Coca Cola, to MTN, Cheki, Webmall, MTVBase, Remy Martin and others, Falz’s exceptional act that combines music and humour is attracting a key consumer segment – the youth.