iLLBLiSS-Chukwu-Agozigo-Gi-Video Epic Moment For Illbliss As Mark Zuckerberg Crashes In On His Video Shoot Entertainment

Nigerians are still in delight about the visit of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria. Rapper Illbliss must have had a time of his life as Mark Zuckerberg bombed into his video shoot set.

Illbliss was visibly overjoyed as he met with the US billionaire without prior warning. The “Bank Alert” crooner must have indeed felt he won a lotto as he engaged with Mark for ten minutes.

Ogaboss like he is fondly called shared his delight via his instagram page.

It can be deduced that Illbliss has not yet retired from music as he made us assume. Also he is working on a new music video which will be permiered any time soon.

Source: Jaguda