dr-dre-and-the-cops Dr. Dre Handcuffed At His Malibu Home After Road User Claims He Pointed a Gun at Him Entertainment

Music mogul, Dr. Dre, was handcuffed and patted down by the police at his Malibu home after a road user called the cops on him.

The multimillionaire had a run in with the driver who blocked the driveway to his Malibu Mansion and resorted to yelling when he was asked to move.

According to TMZ, sources close to Dr. Dre said the motorist had stopped in front of Dre’s beachfront mansion. The record producer however had to take out his phone to film the ugly incident that went down when the driver kept yelling as he was reluctantly moved from the driveway on request from Dr. Dre.

The unknown guy however pulled a fast one and called 911, reporting that someone pulled a gun on him. The cops responded to the call and had to handcuff and pat down the Beats Electronics CEO for a weapon search.

Although the L.A County Sheriffs found no gun on Dr Dre and let him go, the guy in question went ahead to fill out a report as he insisted on filing a case against Dr. Dre.

The complaint will be forwarded from the Sheriff’s Department to the District Attorney who will decide whether there’s a case against the mogul.