visuals-the-luxury-toilet-effect-sees-wizkid-covering-fab-magazine-1024x1024 Download Visuals: Wizkid Covers Fab Magazine With Picture Of Him In Toilet Entertainment

In the words of Olamide, “Pounds Sterling la wa fi n se tissue”, latest Wizkid photo shows Wizkid indeed uses UK “Pounds Sterling” as tissue paper.

The latest edition of Fab Magazine placed Nigerian superstar, Wizkid in a controversial comfort zone which many wouldn’t have thought of.

The comfort is more exotic when you have some British pound starlings to use as tissue paper. This is exactly what Wizkid did, using Pound Starling as tissue.

Before you flare-up and tag the concept “abuse of British currency,” consider comfort and wealth inline with creativity and entertainment.

Watch the behind the scenes video below;