Divide-Nigeria-Into-6-Countries-Pro-Biafra-Groups-Tell-United-Nations Divide Nigeria Into 6 Countries – Pro-Biafra Groups Tell United Nations news

The Movement for Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, and Biafra Independence Movement, BIM, two Biafra secessionist groups have called on the United Nations to divide Nigeria into six different countries along the borders of the six geo-political regions in the country.

According to the groups, the United Nations, UN, and world leaders need to intervene in the current crisis in the country with a view to resolving conflict and establishing piece. MASSOB and BIM believe that the six geo-political zones in the country – South South, South East, South West, North Central, North East, and North West should be granted autonomy and self rule.

The sessionist groups decried the killings of Nigerians on a “daily basis” arising from the Islamist terrorism in the North East perpetrated by Boko Haram, the killings in Central Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen terrorists, and those perpetuated by the Nigerian military against unarmed protesters in the South East.

In a statement released on Sunday, June 5, spokesperson of MASSOB, Mr. Chris Mocha suggested names for the new republics for the Southern regions as Oduduwa for the South West, Biafra for the South East and Niger Delta for the South South.

Mocha also maintained that Nigeria had crossed the rubicon and no amount of preaching on will save the country from a breakup.

He added that when the proposed zones are given independence, assets of the citizens of the different countries will be protected by international laws, just as mutual agreements will guide the future relationship of the new republics.

MASSOB, is a secessionist group that embraces the tenets of nonviolence. It is led by Ralph Uwazuruike, a lawyer. Not much is known about the Biafra Independence Movement.