Tyga-Kylie-Jenner-Stimulated-Lyrics-600x560 Did Tyga Leak His $ex Tape With Kylie Jenner on His Website? Entertainment

There is a Kylie Jenner and Tyga $ex tape out there! New reports confirm that it was uploaded last night on the rapper’s website tygasworld.com but was taken down after 30 minutes.

This shocking update comes just days after they split up, and there are speculations that the ‘Stimulated’ rapper blames Kris Jenner for the end of their relationship.

Daily Mail reports that the 18-year-old reality TV star is currently freaking out because a Twitter user claimed to have gotten hold of the clip before it was taken down. However, it is still unclear if it was Tyga who authorised the upload.

According to Daily Mail‘s sources:

Tyga will not sign off on releasing it to the masses, but Kylie is scared that a $ex tape could get in the wrong person’s hands with one of his buddies and they could put it online to embarrass her. She is freaking out that something like that will happen, especially if she starts bashing Tyga in any way. If the Kardashians bash him, it would open the door for something like that to happen. He has a lot of power right now.

One Twitter user appears to have secured the footage before it was taken down, writing on the social media site: ‘Guess who got the Kylie Jenner $ex tape before it was deleted from Tyga’s website.’

Meanwhile, the report adds that if Tyga is ever found to be linked to the tape, he would be facing serious jail time for contravening California’s new revenge porn law.

And what are fans saying about this on Twitter? See some of the reactions: