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If after PMS pump price was increased to #145 due to the removal of subsidy by the federal government minimum wages were increased reasonably Nigerians will be talking less by now.

Well,PMB has taken this step to ensure some selfish leaders do not sit somewhere and siphon funds meant for the development of this great country but the question is “can Nigerians cope with this development “?

Like someone said “Nigerians are survivors, no matter the situation we find ourselves we always scale through but I say the present situation in this country is now ” survival of the fittest ” where only the strong ones survive.

When decisions are taken at times it takes a while to see the effect of the decisions made. PMB has made the decision lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that it will be for the benefit of all.

On violation of court orders,it has gotten to a stage in this country that the rule of law has outlived it’s usefulness and it is saddening that the executives are the ones involved in this show of disrespect.

Thomas Jefferson said ” Only if a law is unjust,a man is not only right to disobey it,he is obligated to do so” this implies that laws can only be disobeyed on the basis that it is unjust.

When the executives disobey the court what is left for the electorates to do which leads us to the NLC strike despite the court order making me feel we have now adopted what I call the “demolitary ” system of government (democratic + military).

Sec 287 of the 1999 constitution of the FRN explains that the decisions of the courts should be enforced by all authorities in every part of the federation.

My submission is what needs to be done should be done on time before it gets too late, Our constitution is supreme (Sec 1 ss1&3) and it should not be rendered useless.

God Bless Nigeria
Agegenu M.O