chris_brown_square Chris Brown Brags About Music Prowess Despite Unending Drama Entertainment

No doubt, Chris Brown is an amazing and very talented artiste despite the negative press that sometimes seems like his forte. So yes, why not brag about the one great strength he has, and clapback at anyone with a different opinion?
The singer who now holds the record for the largest audience attendance for 2016 is proud of how far he has come despite the unending drama of ex-girlfriends, baby mamas, dragging his colleagues for filth, and oh, let’s not forget the Rihanna assault that went down in 2009.

However, the singer who recently called out his baby mama for dressing their 2 year old daughter (Royalty) in a sexually suggestive outfit while admitting to doing stupid things, is shifting gears from all the negative attention to brag about the one thing he does well- music,  and also to inspire his fans with a few words of wisdom.

“I do a lot of stupid shit…But this is the one thing I do well. Humanity has lot a lot of values being prisoners of their own mind and insecurities. Inspire the change you wanna see and make sure that it’s real! God hasn’t given up on me and I’ve stopped questioning him!” he wrote while sharing a picture of his sold-out concert. But some fans were having none of that positivity and took the time to remind him of his erratic behaviour.

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The exchange was captured in a screenshot by The Shade Room, where  one fan said “This is a rare picture that happens once in a lifetime for a flop. Like to never see it again.” As always, Breezy didn’t let it slide and referred to the fans who dragged him as “miserable souls” then went on to list his accomplishments.

If only he could keep his focus on his music alone, he’ll be so much more better for it.

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