Today, the expectant mum took to Instagram to post a throwback photo which her followers assumed was a recent picture. Mislead, they accused her of getting rid of her pregnancy.

Also mislead by the post was Burna Boy, because he took the bait and quickly went to Twitter to rant, taking shots at bloggers, too.

“Lol wat kind of dummies are most Nigerian bloggers. If u can’t see that nobody was ever really pregnant and y’all played urselves, then..,” the reggae-dancehall singer tweeted, adding, “Y’all ain’t worth my statements. Truth always finds its way out.”

Well, while bloggers are yet to see the point the singer was trying to make, Stella shared a screenshot of her pathology report, dealing him a deft blow.

“My first test result,” she captioned the report which clearly shows how far gone she is.

2016-06-24-16.10.58 Burna Boy Dismisses Babymama’s Pregnancy as False, She Shuts Him Down With Pathology Report; See the Details! Entertainment

Recall that Burna Boy admitted to having s*x with Stella once but thinks that’s not enough to get a woman pregnant. Since then, they have been embroiled in a messy social media drama.

Weeks ago, his mother joined in the messy affair, dismissing the pregnancy story as false.

“It is not new. These girls come up from time to time with different claims,” Bose Ogulu, who doubles as her son’s manager said. “My position on this is ‘no comment’. Anybody can claim anything that they want to claim. We have absolutely nothing to say.”

Well, Stella is counting down to delivery, and while Burna continues to refute the report, we just can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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