Brymo talks music business, creating a structure for the industry worthy of emulation.

The ‘One pound’ singer in a recent interview spoke at length on a number of issues involving his journey in the music industry.

Speaking with presenter WanaWana Udobang on show Culture Diaries, Brymo stated that his exit from former label Chocolate City was a blessing in disguise for his music career.
IMG_20170726_145704_579 Brymo; " I want to become the Most Successful Artiste " Celebrity Focus

“The drama contributed to the success,” Brymo remarked on the success of the album “Merchant Dealers and Slaves”.

On him having a cult following, Brymo thinks “the fans are after that expression” and his growth only stunts when he is afraid to try something new with his music.

He also talked about his writing process, how family influences and values affects his song writing and the method he uses to select songs when making an album.

Compliments by people saying “he has a lovely voice” and saying his music touches them as well as those that actually purchase his albums and come out for his gigs are what Brymo says makes him feel successful.

About music structure, Brymo highlighted some of the shortcomings and how he was going to deal with that.

“I knew that the industry needed a structure and if it couldn’t be created for everyone, I was going to create it for myself so that in the future up and coming acts can actually sort of benefit from it, people can actually look at what I did and be like this is what Brymo did and we are going to do it.”

“ My aim from 2013 was to become the most successful artist of all time in Nigeria, to make records and sell them in millions, and make profits from them and say this album sold this number of copies and this was my profit from it, and that requires having a following, an actual following.”

He also mentions some songs that people particularly want to hear at his shows before anything else and the reasons they do love those songs. The singer also highlights some of the musicians he identifies with.

Brymo also answered some fun music related and non-related trivia questions towards the end of the interview.