aka-cassper-nyovest AKA Accuses Cassper Nyovest Of Inciting Arson In SA: ‘It’s stupid to stand on a pile of burning books!’ Entertainment

AKA and Cassper Nyovest are back to giving each other coronaries on social media, but this time, the war drums were first played by the ‘Baddest’ rapper who is thoroughly upset with Nyovest over the controversial scene in his ‘War Ready’ video, where the ‘Mama I Made It’ rapper stood over a pile of burning books.

“So uhm … Does it look stupid to stand on a pile of burning books NOW … Or? …. Not yet?” AKA wrote hours ago, before delving into acerbic criticism of the music video…without mentioning names, of course.

Recall that after Nyovest dropped the much-anticipated video of his single, ‘War Ready, the scene where the rapper stood atop a pile of burning books sparked social media outrage. Fans called him out for encouraging books/schools/library burning, but the rapper said he does not feel the need to explain his artistic process or even the political idea behind it.

However, AKA is not letting him off the hook easily; he hints at the fact that the rapper may be inciting arson. The duo, who are SA’s biggest stars, have been embroiled in a drawn-out feud for a while now. They have attacked each other, physically and via their music.

And so, when AKA took to Twitter to stoke the fire, fans knew that yet another war was brewing.

See AKA’s tweets:













AKA-cassper AKA Accuses Cassper Nyovest Of Inciting Arson In SA: ‘It’s stupid to stand on a pile of burning books!’ Entertainment

We can’t wait to see how Nyovest reacts to this.