Adekunle-Gold-7 Adekunle Gold Reveals He Asked Zahra Buhari For Ideas On New Album Entertainment

Adekunle Gold is getting set to release his first studio album aptly titled GOLD.

The singer has since had a photo shoot with famed photographer TY Bello.

Speaking on his album, he revealed he spoke to the daughter of President Buhari, Zahra for ideas and she gave him the name GOLD. Below is what he wrote in full

When the thought to start working on album came, I was not sure what I wanted to call it. I prayed to God(as always) to give me a name.

I started talking to my friends to give me ideas. @miss_zbuhari and I were talking about the album title one evening and she mentioned “Gold” amongst many other names, but I dismissed the idea. 🙈

I took my confusion to Twitter and asked friends to suggest a name. Almost everybody suggested “Gold”. Shame didn’t let me go back to Zahra to tell her I’m going with ‘Gold’ until weeks after. Lol.

I spoke to @tybello about my ideas for the album art. She told me she had gotten a revelation 2 days earlier, about Bazaleel of Exodus 31. She didn’t need to explain too much, because I fell in love with the idea almost immediately and started feeling like Bazaleel.

I had an amazing time working with @tybello. She’s phenomenal. I was thrilled that she loved the songs on the album, even though they weren’t finished. Thank you TY!
Stay tuned guys, more exciting news coming up