fresh war is brewing in the Yoruba movie industry and this is between two top actors Lizzy Anjorin and Saidi Balogun!

Lizzy has threatened fire and brimstone as Saidi Balogun’s birthday event clashes with her movie premiere slated for the 7th of July 2017.

According to the actress, not only is the top actor Saidi playing a lead role in her movie, she also thinks of him as a brother, only for him to fix his event for the same date as the premiere of her movie Owo Naira Bet and also employ the use of her anchors and performers.

Although she mentioned no name, it is not difficult to find out who she is referring to considering the fact that actor Saudi Balogun’s birthday is finally happening after been shifted to respect Moji Olaiya, plus Saidi plays a very important role in the movie.

The obviously angry Lizzy has threatened that she would not take the matter lightly. She swore to eat any one who crosses her lane raw, as she has respect for only God.”I will call on God, my late patents and some old people in my village if you try to destroy my career ” Lizzy threatens!

“When you die, they run helter skelter contributing money for you but while you live they hinder your success” she alleged.


IMG_20170603_184931_750 Actress Lizzy Anjorin blast Saidi Balogun Celebrity Focus Entertainment


IMG_20170603_184907_352 Actress Lizzy Anjorin blast Saidi Balogun Celebrity Focus Entertainment

Fans of the actress are already talking to the actress to calm down and talk it out with Saidi, but from the look of things, would the 50 year old man succumb because of the threats and insult?