woman-attracted-to-married-man-in-office_jpcumy 6 Dangerous Signs You Are Too Close to Your Boss Relationship

Having a pleasant relationship with your boss is very cool. It’s actually pretty solid when there’s respect, professionalism and usual coffee breaks where you get to chat about each other’s insta feeds. But what if it turns out you’re getting way too close? It could get really ugly or could lead to a wedding. However, here 6 warning signs below:

1. You constantly feel like you owe him/her.
Sure, she may have bailed you out of a tough time (like jail or tax fraud) and gotten you your job back, but that doesn’t mean s/he should hold it over your head in perpetuity, neither should allow her do so.

2. Coworkers resent you for being the boss’s favorite.
If you’re openly referred to as her “mini-me,” chances are you haven’t made many other friends in the office. Having strong relationships with your colleagues is just as important as getting in good terms with your superiors.

3. No matter how badly you want to, you just can’t quit the job.
Once again, s/he neither owns you nor not all you have. There are other options — and other bosses — out there.

4. You’ve shared a bed with your boss.
No matter how friendly you two are, there’s always a better option than sharing a bed — always.

5. You believe your boss knows you better than you know yourself.
First rule of adulthood: You have to look out for no. 1. Don’t let anyone, not even your boss, know you better than you know yourself.

6. You tell your boss you love him/her.
Even though your relationship is complicated and toxic, you still love her. And while that’s nice and dandy, make sure you’re able to separate that loving friendship from your professional, working relationship, and all that comes with it.