Social media has its advantages and disadvantages, but one of its major disadvantages is, leaving an individual open to being cyber bullied.

Celebrities have blood and bones just like everyone else. The only reason they are famous is due to the large number of people that can identify them either personally or for their work, whatever it is.

That’s why it hurts these people when strangers who have absolutely no idea about what goes on in their lives, besides what they post on their various social media page, make hurtful, racist, insensitive, biased and stereotypical judgmental comments about them.

These judgments they have out of a preconceived notion of nature and nurture, “this is good, this is bad” and there’s no in-between or respecting the notion of others.

What makes us human is our ability to embrace other people’s differences, thoughts, ideas, point of view, and hold it just as high as we hold ours as regardless if they don’t respect ours too.

Being racist, insensitive and trolling celebrities or even writing hateful comments on normal infamous peoples’ page signifies a disrespect in the victims point of view, thoughts and actions.

Remember they made the post for a reason; the tweet or the shared image on their social media platform was put up for a reason and expecting them to conform to how you see things is very wrong, and makes you a hypocrite.

We need to get our humanity back and learn to respect everyone, especially on social media as we don’t know their daily struggles because all they share is the glammed up fabulous life many yearn for.

Sometimes, maybe it’s just jealousy that drives these trolls to be mean. Yet, jealousy is healthy if you use it as a fuel to admire these stars and work at succeeding and doing better for yourself to get the kind of life you are hating a star for.

The real problem is when that emotion becomes ‘Envy’. Envy isn’t good and is extremely unhealthy.

If you make mean comments on a person’s social media page, you possess one of the nastiest traits any human can have, ENVY. Envy is a dirty trait.

Focus on doing your own thing and respect others as they do theirs and you’ll definitely have everything you want, with time. Respect everyone, both on and off social media as you may never know who’s watching.

Here are five stars who have quit social media this year, thanks to online trolls and their love for cyber-bullying.

Method Man

method-man-1024x776 5 Celebrities Who Quit Social Media Due To Cyber Bullying Entertainment

Method deleted his Twitter account after a blogger posted online and refused to take down an illegally obtained photo of his wife whom he keeps extremely private.


Leslie Jones

leslie_jones_1050x1050 5 Celebrities Who Quit Social Media Due To Cyber Bullying Entertainment

Jones deleted her Twitter account following sexist comments  regarding her character inGhostbusters where she was rudely called ugly and some very racially-incited nasty names.


Justin Bieber

Justin-Bieber-1024x731 5 Celebrities Who Quit Social Media Due To Cyber Bullying Entertainment

Bieber deleted  his Instagram account after his fans wrote hateful comments about his girlfriend, Sophie Richie.


Lauren Zuke

Lauren-Zuke 5 Celebrities Who Quit Social Media Due To Cyber Bullying Entertainment

Lauren Zuke is a storyboard artist on ‘‘Steven Universe,” who deleted her Twitter account after  being attacked by the children fandom she writes for concerning a simple disagreement over a ship.


Gabby Douglas

Gabby-Douglas2 5 Celebrities Who Quit Social Media Due To Cyber Bullying Entertainment

Gabby is an American Olympic gymnast who got trolled after being accused of not placing her hands over her chest during the national anthem during the Olympic games. She was also trolled for her hair.