couple-talking 4 Ways To Make Your Man Open Up To You Better Relationship

Men are known to bottle up their feelings but any woman who can get her man to open up certainly knows how to communicate with him well. Truth be told, everyone including the menfolk want to express themselves. Men are as vulnerable as women and communication becomes better when couples help each other to open up.

1. Ask questions and be supportive
Married women should remember that the more encouraging and supportive you are, the better the type of communication between yourself and your husband. Simple words like ‘how are you’ can calm him down rather pointing out all the things he did wrong.

2. Avoid being judgmental
If you judge him for the little mistakes he has admitted to you, how do you expect him to tell you his deepest secrets? You should learn to accept your man for who he is and listen not to be his critic but make him understand that you’re always there for him.