4-Reasons-Why-Lagosians-Love-‘Owambe’-Parties 4 Reasons Why Lagosians Love ‘Owambe’ Parties Featured Life style video

Saturdays and indeed weekends in Lagos are usually tagged as “Owambe” because of the vast majority of people who enjoy attending various functions during the weekend. “Owambe” is a Yoruba word used in reference to celebratory ceremonies ranging from weddings, naming ceremonies, burials, anniversaries and so many other fun ceremonies.  There is also the whole ‘aso-ebi’ craze which has become a very important aspect of these parties.

Nowadays, even with the current state of the economy and people claiming there is no money, folks in Lagos never fail to attend these functions, dressed to the nines in expensive aso-ebi fabrics. From the flamboyant spraying of cash by both the rich and not so rich to the aso-ebi style show-off and sumptuous party food, Lagosians will do anything to be at every owambe function they can attend. Also, you are bound to find various kinds of people ranging from the invited guests to the mogbo moya bunch of uninvited groovers who all turn up at these parties for various reasons.

So, why do Lagos folks attend Owambe parties? Here are four pertinent reasons.

  • Free Food

A very important reason why most Lagosians attend owambe’s is because of that signature party Jollof rice. This is mostly because the taste of party Jollof rice is quite distinct and usually more delicious than the regular home-cooked ones. Apart from the popular party Jollof rice, a variety of other foods are served at these parties which frankly you would hardly cook at home. I mean, why prepare Chinese rice or small chops at home when you could just wait till the weekend to enjoy these delicacies at an Owambe right?  Some people don’t have shame and even go as far as getting take-away in black polythene plastic bags.

party-scene 4 Reasons Why Lagosians Love ‘Owambe’ Parties Featured Life style video

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  • To Find Potential Wife/Husband

Hey, don’t judge. Not everyone has a potential husband or wife waiting around the corner and an owambe party is usually an opportunity for a search or soulmate.  These parties are usually attended by various calibre and class of people and if there is a chance of meeting someone new who could end up being a spouse, why sit at home and hope for magic that might never happen? Owambe is the way forward, trust me many Lagos folks do this and this hunt has also made catching of the bouquet at weddings war. Lol.

nigerian_wedding_photos_27 4 Reasons Why Lagosians Love ‘Owambe’ Parties Featured Life style video

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  • To Show-0ff Aso Ebi Styles

We all know the aso-ebi fad is here to stay and Lagos women, especially the Yoruba ones, will go as far as spending their last savings just to be the centre of attention. Owambe parties have become a runway  to showcase the most sophisticated aso-ebi styles and trends in fashion. Don’t even let us get started with over-the-top make-up and geles and hairdos you get to see at these functions. The competition is so high that some women don’t mind stealing the shine from the bride or celebrant.

latest-aso-ebi-styles-over-amillionstyles 4 Reasons Why Lagosians Love ‘Owambe’ Parties Featured Life style video

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  • To Turn Up

Lagosians love to turn up!  Owambe parties are the perfect opportunity to unwind and get one’s groove on after a long week. The dancing is usually endless and guests don’t hesitate to show off that latest Naija dance move. Some weddings even organise after-parties for folks who want to rave it up some more after guests have gone home.

owambe13 4 Reasons Why Lagosians Love ‘Owambe’ Parties Featured Life style video

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